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Friday, March 4, 2011

SNSD to cheer for Oryx Buffaloes in Osaka on Korean Day

SNSD will be meeting Park Chan Ho and Lee Seungyeob soon.

SNSD who are not only popular in Korea but also in Japan will be traveling to Osaka to cheer for Japanese Baseball team, Oryx Buffaloes and also top Korean players, Park Chan Ho and Lee Seung Yeob at the ‘Korean Day’ event match.

To add more excitement to the game, Oryx decided to invite SNSD. A representative of Oryx said, “We have contacted the relevant department in charged of SNSD on this matter. Since SNSD will be visiting the stadium on Saturday, April 23rd, a huge turnout can be expected”. In the event, SNSD will be singing the national anthem as well as throwing and hitting the first ball of the game.

SNSD and Kara are both popular among Oryx Buffaloes players, especially among the younger players.

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