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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tiffany and Yuri to leave Music Core…

For the next 3 weeks that is, not forever!

There has been a lot of speculation lately after some SNSD girls left their respective individual jobs like Taeyeon leaving Chin Chin, Sunny and Yuri leaving Invincible Youth, etc. The spotlight thus fell on existing jobs that SNSD girls held like Yoona on Family Outing 2, Taeyeon on Win Win and Yuri and Tiffany on Music Core.

Towards the end of the May 22nd episode of Music Core, both Tiffany and Yuri announced that they would not be hosting the show for the next 3 weeks. Despite their absence, they told viewers to not worry as amazing people will fill their spots. Lastly, they hope that the viewers will miss seeing them!

Their absence is likely due to SNSD’s overseas promotions and this will be of good news to fans of SNSD that Yuri and Tiffany are not leaving Music Core.

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